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Vodafone launches new 4G contracts with more data

Vodafone has upped the amount of data available on its 4G plans earlier today, adding a 25GB option for ‘Red Value’ customers that cannot cut it on 20GBs alone.

The Red Value package is the most exciting, coming with 25GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, 24 months of Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports mobile TV and free calls inside the Eurozone with EuroTraveller. The only issue is it costs £65 per month, without factoring in the cost per month for the smartphone.

For those wanting something a bit cheaper, Vodafone offers several Red Value packages with less data included, going all the way down to 4GB per month for £49.

Vodafone also has Red packages without the additional Now TV, Spotify or Sky Sports and Eurozone free calls. These goes from 1GB of data at £39 per month to 20GB of data for £60 per month.

It is the first surge of 4G standard contracts Vodafone is offering. The company has been focused on delivering the best 3G network in the UK, before pumping a ton of money into building a more robust 4G network.

This has caused Vodafone to lose out in the 4G race, with EE and O2 grabbing a large portion of high-end customers interested in 4G. Vodafone UK CEO Jeroen Hoencamp claims customers are not interested in 4G speeds, only consistent access to the internet.

The risk averse plans Vodafone has documented in its investor reports might be changed due to the acquisition of EE by BT Group for £12.5 billion and the acquisition of O2 by Hutchison Whampoa’s Three UK for £10 billion. If these two acquisitions go through, Vodafone might need to offer higher-end contracts to compete with the new wireless carriers.