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More after-effects added to Instagram toolkit

After the release of five filters back in December, Instagram has decided to add two new after-effects - fade and colour - to its set of editing tools.

The Fade tool washes out the image’s colors for a more toned down effect, to which the intensity can be further adjusted through a slider bar.

Meanwhile, using the colour tool will give various tints to the highlights and/or shadows of the images. The tool has eight different tints to choose from - yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan (which I've just learned is light blue) or green. The intensity of the hues can also be adjusted through the slider tool.

The new filters seem to be Instagram’s continuous effort to offer its users creative freedom in editing their photos. Apart from the two new effects, Instagram earlier released other photo editing tools to adjust shadow, highlight and exposure, among others.

Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua filters were also introduced a few months back.

The new update will first be available on Android devices from today and iOS availability will follow suit in the next few days.

The colour and fade are included in Instagram’s version 6.19.0 on Android, and version 6.10.0 on iOS