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Apple wants to move Apple Watch, MacBook customers online

Apple is one of the few retailers able to sell its own products in a retail store and have the room fill up with potential customers, but the worry is the current stores have too many customers inside.

In order to fix this issue, new head of retail Angela Ahrendts is looking to make sweeping changes to the way customers buy products. Instead of buying in-store, staff will point to a convenient online store and allow them to order and pick-up from the store.

This should make Apple stores a place for showing off products and pick-ups, instead of people negotiating with staff about the product, which can take time away from trying to sell the product to someone who may otherwise just be browsing.

Apple will start with the new 12-inch MacBook and Apple Watch, both only available through online order or reservation. No one can outright by the Apple Watch in store - customers that try will politely be told to check the online store.

Limits will also be put on the amount of time for people to view the Apple Watch, 15 minutes for regular Watch and Watch Sport customers, 30 minutes for Watch Edition. The £8,500 smartwatch will be in select stores only, with wait times expected up to two weeks for some retail stores.

Apple is expanding its online support to make sure not as many people visit the Genius bar. Ahrendts believes while the levels of enthusiasm in the store are great, a reduction in the quantity of people would be a good way for staff to find more focus points for sales.

iPhones, iPads and MacBooks will all be available to purchase in store, for how long we do not know. It seems like Ahrendts wants all products to be bought online, making the retail store a place to try out the products rather than test them out for potential purchase.