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Apple Watch guided tour videos now live detailing various features

Are you one of the brave souls thinking about acquiring an Apple Watch? Or maybe you’re still on the fence – if that’s the case, though, you’ll need to make your mind up soon.

While the device launches a fortnight on Friday, you can’t just turn up at an Apple store and buy one – you’ll have to make a reservation for an appointment beforehand, and pre-select your model, strap and so forth.

Those of you still undecided, however, might be interested to hear that Apple has now put some “guided tour” videos up on the official site, showing off various functions of the Apple Watch in more detail. Currently there are three videos live: Faces, Messages and Digital Touch.

Faces shows the would-be purchaser how you can customise the watch face, picking a face from the gallery Apple has provided – there’s everything from an astronomy-themed effort to Mickey Mouse – and then further customising that.

Messages shows off how you can receive and instantly respond to messages on your wrist-wear, and Digital Touch allows you to send “taps” to another friend wearing an Apple Watch (you can literally tap them on the wrist), or indeed sketches you’ve quickly drawn on the watch face.

Further videos are coming to detail how various other aspects work including phone calls on the smartwatch, maps, music, Apple Pay, Siri, and fitness elements.