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Push notifications most attractive to modern shoppers

Push notifications are quickly becoming the new way to attract customers into stores, instead of window shopping or people handing out flyers for 10 per cent off.

In a new report by Vista Retail Support, 63 per cent of people polled say they would be attracted into a store by a push notification and over 80 per cent claim discount codes are the best way to attract customers.

This is quite a large amount of smartphone users who would change their mind on going into a store due to a simple 20 per cent off notification on the phone, or a special offer available on that day.

Given iBeacon technology is already quite advanced, stores that operate with push notifications will be able to entice potentially thousands of customers using an iPhone.

Apple’s technology is one of the only popular beacons available, although there are alternatives available that incorporate Android and Windows Phone users.

Push notifications can be sent to smartphones through geo-location tools, allowing people within 100 feet of the store to receive the notification. Apple has been trying to push this technology to as many stores as possible, including its own retail stores.

“These results show that retailers who use beacon technology to send notifications could give themselves a substantial advantage in the battle for customer footfall,” said Richard Cottrell, sales and marketing director, Vista Retail Support. “This power of persuasion really does work and retailers must look to new technology to attract customers. In this respect, beacons certainly present a real opportunity.”

There are concerns that this technology will get frustrating quite quickly. 83 per cent of people polled said they would turn off push notifications if too many pop-ups appeared and 54 per cent said one notification is enough from one store.

This could become an issue in shopping centers where several shops might try and bring customers in through push notifications. If too many are competing for customers, it might lead to people turning off the push notifications before going out to shop.

To counteract this, stores will need to offer deals that cannot be found in store, but only through push notifications. That way, customers will want to stay online and wait for the notification for a percentage off.