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Hyperoptic brings blazing Gigabit fibre speeds to Liverpool

Hyperoptic has announced that its Fibre-to-the-Building service is now live across some areas of Liverpool, bringing Gigabit speeds of 1000Mbps to those who are lucky enough to be in the right place.

Compare that to the average speed of 19.3Mbps across Liverpool, and it’s quite a difference, of course – with fibre right to the building users should get almost all of the full bandwidth they’re paying for, too (with Fibre-to-the-Cabinet, the connection falls off somewhat depending on how far the premise is from the cabinet, which can be some distance over standard copper telephone wires).

Hyperoptic’s service is now live in developments across the city which include Hamilton House, Waterloo Warehouse, The Reach and X Building, with a launch planned in Wapping Quay, Kings Dock Mill, Princes Dock and City Quay soon.

Another 16 developments are also currently underway, and there should be quite a network hooked up by the close of this year – or that’s Hyperoptic’s plan, anyway. Developments with 50 or more units are being targeted, and buildings where there’s the most demand are prioritised.

Tim Huxtable, National Team Manager, Hyperoptic, commented: “Hyperoptic is revolutionising broadband in Liverpool. We are investing millions in telecoms infrastructure to extend our footprint. The reception to our services has been phenomenal – the difference in experience is like chalk and cheese – with 19.3Mbps, a 50GB game would take over seven hours to download, but less than seven minutes with our gigabit connection.”

Pricing starts from £20 per month (including £16 line rental).