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Popcorn Time iOS installer could bring thousands of unofficial apps to Apple devices

Popcorn Time is releasing an iOS app, allowing iPhone users to watch illegally streamed content easily.

Previously, the app was only available for jailbroken devices, but the launch of a new installer will open up the service to a much larger audience.

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Popcorn Time is viewed as a major threat to the movie industry, being dubbed “Netflix for pirates.” It enables users to watch illegal content without having to download torrent files, making it simpler and more accessible for many.

Apple does not allow illegal software to be downloaded from its official App Store, but Popcorn Time’s new installer should make acquiring the app relatively straightforward. Users simply need to download the iOS installer to their desktop computer, connect their iOS device and follow the on-screen instructions.

The team behind Popcorn Time explained to Torrent Freak that the launch of the new iOS app is the perfect way to mark the software’s one-year anniversary.

“We intentionally postponed our one year celebration since we wanted to celebrate it with this groundbreaking release the world has been waiting for,” the team said. “The beauty is in the simplicity of this installer.”

The app also supports Google Cast and Apple TV technology, so could become the go-to app for an individual’s streaming needs.

Perhaps more worrying for Apple is the revelation that the installer could ultimately be used to introduce a large number of unofficial and unsanctioned apps into the iOS ecosystem.

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“The team we worked with on this solution has already launched this website with one clear intention in mind: To fight the closed ecosystem Apple has created, screening and choosing for us what we can or cannot install on the devices we purchased and paid top dollar for,” a spokesperson for Popcorn Time said. “We’re sure they’re ready for any obstacle Apple will throw their way.”