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Samsung patents wierd wearable smartphone device

It looks like Korean smartphone maker Samsung is working on another breakthrough in the smartphone arena, as it has recently patented a technology for a device that will work both as a smartphone and smartwatch.

The patented flexible OLED display will be designed for a device that can lie flat on a table or bend around your wrist.

According to Samsung's filing with the US Patent & Trademark Office (discovered by PatentlyMobile), the flexibility feature of the screen will be made through interlocking segments.

The device, which can be rotated to match the user's arm position, is also planned to have a large touchscreen OLED display and would be able to play back audio, video, and other forms of multimedia.

Because the device will be intended to be a wearable smartphone, it will also allow means of communication, such as making phone calls (and presumably text messages).

However, there is no solid information yet if Samsung will indeed move forward with the idea.

Samsung has recently released the Galaxy S6 Edge, which is the closest to a flexible screen that is currently in the market. LG likewise launched its LG G Flex 2.

But, given the actualisation of Samsung’s plan, consumers can save cost by not needing to buy an additional smartwatch to match their smartphones.