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Adapt brings Alert Logic Cloud Defender on board “Habitat”

Adapt, the UK managed services provider, has announced a partnership with Security-as-a-Service firm Alert Logic, bringing the latter’s security expertise to its midmarket customers.

This means that the Alert Logic Cloud Defender suite will be bundled with Adpat’s “Habitat” app ecosystem, giving customers better security and also compliance protection.

The Cloud Defender system offers real-time monitoring and immediate alerts to dodgy goings-on across a company’s network and app layers, not to mention big data security analytics.

It also comes with 24x7 support supplied by what Alert Logic describes as “highly qualified” security and compliance analysts. You can pick up the Security-as-a-Service offering up through Adapt’s OPEX-based monthly subscription.

Kevin Linsell, Director of Strategy and Architecture for Adapt, commented: “Businesses today have a multi-layered cloud architecture which means integrating multiple point security products and training staff to run and maintain them is both complex and expensive.”

“Working with Alert Logic, we are able to offer our customers a fully managed security service wrapped around our Habitat offering, providing our customers with the most up-to-date security content, monitoring and protection. This means our customers can enable their internal IT staff to focus on business critical projects, rather than having to become security experts.”

David Howorth, VP EMEA for Alert Logic, added: “Adapt delivers high quality, pure-play cloud infrastructure solutions, coupled with the goal of bringing the latest technology to market in the most relevant, cost efficient way. Wrapping security around the entire application stack provides Adapt’s customers with continuous protection from ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.”