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What to expect from Apple's iOS 8.3

Apple on 8 April released their new operating system, iOS 8.3, and there is more than just new emoji characters to this latest offering.

Among the numerous bugfixes and the slight alterations to the interface, Siri has been upgraded and new accents and languages will now be available along with the ability to make calls using an iPhone's speakerphone. Also new with iOS 8.3 is Wireless CarPlay support that allows an iPhone to connect to a dashboard without the use of a Lightning cable.

It is also good news for users in Brazil, Denmark, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Thailand and Turkey as features like showtimes and sports scores are now available to them.

But back to the new emojis. The update has given the user a vast array of new emojis, with the emoji picker organising icons into categories, and adding more family options. Another new feature to the emoji keyboard is that it now gives the user the choice of several different skin tones for certain emojis. As well as this, new flags and characters have been added for the iMac, iPhone and Apple Watch. In addition to the new emojis now available on your keyboard, the new update brings a stretched spacebar.

Several of the built-in apps have been altered and enhanced, for example Messages can now optionally seperate threads from contacts and unknown senders, or automatically report spam.

Changes to the App Store will now let users change their settings so that no password is required for free downloads. Other performance upgrades included in the update eliminate problems with Wi-Fi, Messages, Safari Tabs, and Control Center amongst others.

Bugfixes in the update rectify problems with disconnections from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, screen rotation issues and Maps failing to appear in CarPlay. A full list of the bugfixes and performance improvements can be found here.

The update is available for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch as an over-the-air software update, or through iTunes.