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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be first smartphone with 4K display

Samsung might be planning to woo the pixel-nuts with a 4K (2160 x 3840) display on the Galaxy Note 5 later this year, the first UHD display to be crammed into a 5.7-inch screen.

That is a lot of pixels, so many that the human eye will not be able to spot individual pixels (although that was near impossible when we hit 2K). Samsung may have to use an unorthodox PenTile arrangement to make it possible.


Samsung was previewing the next step in display technology at Analyst Days, a Russian event, where it showed the UHD resolution would be available on phones by 2015.

It has also hinted at the Galaxy Note 5 featuring this resolution previously at events. It seems Samsung is confident it can refine the procedure in order to make enough screens.

The Galaxy Note is normally Samsung’s top of the line smartphone in terms of specifications. That means with the UHD display, we should expect an even better Exynos chipset than the one currently inside the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

We should also expect a completely new design to fit with the Galaxy S6. Samsung decided a dual-glass design would be what everyone wants, and it looks like for the most part they are right with sales almost hitting 40 million on the opening month.

Samsung always announces the Galaxy Note at IFA, which happens in late August/early September. We cannot see Samsung drifting away for the Galaxy Note 5 launch, even if it is pushing a new generation of pixels to the smartphone.