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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge falls flat in iFixit teardown

iFixit has pulled apart the Galaxy S6 Edge in a new teardown, and the handset sadly didn’t fare too well when it came to the “repairability” stakes.

iFixit noted that Samsung’s premium handset got off to a good start with very first impressions, and was a bit like holding an “infinity pool in the palm of your hand” – only the downside is it’s ergonomics aren’t particularly good, and the device attracts fingerprints like nobody’s business.

Getting the rear panel off was quite a battle for the iFixit team, by all accounts, and the battery is awkwardly buried right beneath the motherboard, with it also being glued on overly securely like the back cover.

The team also noted that front and back glass means double the chance of a catastrophic crack incident…

All this led to the Galaxy S6 Edge’s repairability rating coming in at just 3 out of 10, which is a lacklustre result indeed. If you do purchase one – and they aren’t cheap – let’s just hope nothing goes wrong with it, eh?

Initially, the S6 and Edge have had some excellent feedback from critics, but it’s not all been positive – another recent battery test by GSMArena put the phones at 18 hours of talk time, which is merely a middling result (certainly compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S5, which clocked up 27 hours no less). The iPhone 6 Plus managed 23 hours, and the Nexus 6 an impressive 25 hours.