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Samsung forecasts record Galaxy S6 Edge shipments, expects handset shortage

Samsung is taking a leaf out of Apple’s book, and is busy forecasting not just record shipments for its new Galaxy S6 handsets – which go on sale tomorrow – but it also thinks stock shortages will affect the premium Galaxy S6 Edge.

Based on a series of good reviews, the S6 models are expected to sell “briskly” and this January to March quarter’s operating profit should be boosted to the highest in three quarters, hopefully eradicating the sour memories of the Galaxy S5, which actually sold less than its predecessor.

While the plain S6 is expected to be the most popular model, head of mobile JK Shin said that the Edge version is likely to suffer from stock problems as it’s harder to make. In other words, it’s the old story of ‘get out there and buy yours pronto tomorrow’ which Apple is fond of.

HMC Investment analyst Greg Roh told Reuters: “Some carriers are switching existing orders to get more of the S6 Edge, and it looks like demand for the model will exceed supply throughout this year. That means average selling price will fall at a slower rate, which will have a positive impact on Samsung overall."

Samsung could ship around 50 million S6 handsets throughout 2015.

While the press has generally been positive about Samsung’s new phones, it’s not all been good news – iFixit criticised the S6 Edge for lacking in terms of repairability, and it only got a rating of 3 out of 10 in that respect. Battery life has also been measured by GSM Arena, and found to be down at 18 hours of talk time (compared to 27 hours for the S5). That’s still an okay result though – and none of this is likely to dampen any Android fan’s enthusiasm.

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