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Samsung's adds twist to the unboxing videos with Galaxy S6 Edge

It wouldn't be right for Samsung to unbox its own device, that is left to the plethora of channels on YouTube. Instead, Samsung has “in-boxed” the Galaxy S6 Edge, as in assemble all the parts and then fit it into the commercial box.

We can’t fault Samsung on trying to make things interesting. The video shows the routine to building the Galaxy S6 Edge, attaching the internal logic board to the front and rear facing camera.

What Samsung fails to show is the excess amount of glue it slaps onto the phone to make sure it doesn’t fall apart. iFixit and other phone repair sites know an awful lot about the ridiculous amount of glue used to keep the phones together, and this is something that is used commonly on HTC, Samsung and Motorola devices.

Samsung is one of the first smartphone developers to show the assembly line. Even though this will all be done in a factory rather than a study like shown in the video, it is interesting to see how each part works with one another and fits together with almost no gaps.

The Galaxy S6 Edge features the dual-edge display and comes with a rather hefty $150 surplus in the price-tag. Considering the display is the only major difference between the two, it has forced most customers over to the Galaxy S6.