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Xiaomi rakes it in with record 12 hour sales blitz

Compared to Xiaomi, Apple sometimes looks tiny.

But, the Chinese smartphone maker reportedly sold more than two million smartphone devices in a time span of 12 hours on 8 April.

Celebrating its fifth birthday, the company almost doubled the record it set in its last sales blitz.

Xiaomi is currently the third biggest smartphone maker in the world, and even though it’s not that common in Europe and the UK, it has gained huge popularity in China by offering affordable Android devices.

Xiaomi sold a total of 2.12 million phones in 12 hours - earning the company more than $335m (£225m) in revenue. A similar sales blitz last year saw 1.3 million units sold, while during last year’s Single’s Day (11/11), it sold 1.2 million.

On 8 April the company also sold 38,000 Mi televisions and 770,000 other smart appliances, IBTimes reports. The sale took place in China, and for the first time it extended to Malaysia, India and Indonesia.

Fast deliveries were also the centre of attention. Almost 600,000 orders were shipped within the first 12 hours, and in one scenario, it took a customer only 90 minutes to get his device, after placing the order.

In all of 2014, Xiaomi sold 61.12 million smartphones and recorded total revenues of 74.3 billion Chinese Yuan. Analysts at IDC ranked Xiaomi as the top smartphone vendor in China in 2014.

Even though Xiaomi has little exposure outside of China, the vast market of that country helped the company rise to become the third biggest smartphone maker in the world.

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