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3 great productivity apps for getting things done

With spring firmly established, it might be time to start thinking about some spring cleaning. Now is the time to start all those tasks and jobs you've put off for way too long.

Whether you're a procrastinator or you simply forget about jobs altogether, it might be the perfect time to try out some productivity apps on your Android or iOS device.

Here are some of the best productivity apps available right now.



Wunderlist is the app for you if you love lists. It lets you make checklists with tasks, and then within those tasks, create subtasks. You can either keep them personal, or you can collaborate with friends, family or co-workers, although you may want to avoid asking co-workers for help with your spring cleaning.

Another great feature Wunderlist lets you do is create notifications on a task as a reminder. To make this even more productive, the app sync feature works across all of your devices, and there is even a Web interface so you can access Wunderlist tasks from anywhere.

There is also a pro version, which allows you to make unlimited file attachments and assignments to others, add subtasks, and also adds an extra 10 backgrounds to choose from. This last feature seems a bit gimmicky to me though.

The app is available on Android and iOS.



Evernote is another great way to keep on top of things, and to organise what needs to be done. As well as creating task lists, Evernote lets you create notes and then you can sort your notes into notebooks and give them tags.

Like Wunderlist, you can share these with your friends and can sync the app across most major platforms. The app also works offline, making the app extremely powerful and useful. Evernote also boasts the ability to embed images, and to record voice notes. If however you are looking to primarily engage yourself in list making, it is best to stick to Wunderlist.

Evernote is available on Android and iOS.

Google Now

google now

This app is a little bit unconventional compared to the other two, and that is because you simply tell it to create reminders for you.

Instead of writing out your tasks and notes, you simple say "add note" or "note to self" and then speak aloud your note. It does offer the more conventional typed approach, but for speed the dictation is much more efficient.

As part of the Google Search app, it is able to direct you along with approximate journey time if you had a note specifying that you needed to be somewhere by a certain time. Additionally, it allows you to view the weather, check the latest sports scores, track your deliveries and give you reminders for birthdays or restaurant reservations.

Google Now is available on Android and iOS devices.