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Apple Watch store now open at Selfridges in London

This morning at 9:00 GMT, the Apple Watch store opened at Selfridges in London, a full two weeks ahead of the launch of Apple’s timepiece. We say store, but really, it’s just a dedicated area which was shielded by a barricade as it was constructed, the Telegraph reports.

Of course, you can’t buy the device yet, but you can nip into the shop and check out staff giving demos of the Apple Watch, and try on the various models to see which your favourite is.

If you want to get down to Selfridges and be one of the early birds to see the smartwatch, the Apple Watch shop is open until 21:00 tonight.

Standard opening times are 9:30 to 21:00 from Monday through Saturday (the store kicked off half an hour earlier today for the grand opening), and midday to 18:00 on Sunday.

Apple is clearly serious about giving the smartwatch the hard sell – which is hardly surprising given that the company does not want its first new product since the iPad to be seen as a flop. And the smartwatch market is rather tenuous territory to tread in these early days (though you could say the same about tablets back in 2010).

If you aren’t anywhere near London, or can’t be bothered to travel down to Oxford Street, then you can view guided tour videos of the device which Apple recently put online. There are clips showing the different faces and customisations, along with videos explaining how messages and digital touch work, with more coming soon.