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BMW unveils augmented reality driving goggles

Car company BMW has tapped into wearable devices technology by unveiling a set of augmented reality goggles that can provide supplementary information to drivers.

The BMW Mini Augmented Vision is a high-tech glass that works like a GPS navigation device. It lets drivers see navigational information on the road through arrow overlays and shows an X-Ray view of the outside of the vehicle, allowing the user to see obstacles whilst driving.

The device also provides information on speed limits, shares possible points of interest and also has an augmented parking feature where it projects the image from a camera located on the rear mirror.


This data can be synced with the user's smartphone to dictate messages and send alerts.

On the other hand, messages can also be synced to the wearable glasses where an icon appears as an SMS and the message is read out.

BMW did also say that the wearable can be used outside of a vehicle, however details on its usage on foot have not been revealed.

The device, which is powered by Qualcomm Connected Experiences, is still in prototype at present.

"We are proud to have helped develop a breakthrough augmented reality interface between eyewear and the automobile," said Jay Wright of Qualcomm.

"BMW Mini Augmented Vision offers a compelling example of what's possible today, and what we can expect in the future."