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Imperva brings network layer DDoS protection to smaller businesses

Enterprise data can be put at risk from DDoS attacks, but whilst larger businesses have the resources to guard against these attacks smaller ones sometimes struggle.

Security company Imperva is committed to protecting data for all sizes of business with the release of its latest Imperva Incapsula cloud-based application delivery service.

Additions to the product include a turnkey integration with leading security information and event management (SIEM) tools, external monitoring of network infrastructures, and multi-protocol DDoS protection for dedicated customer IP addresses. Combined, these new enhancements bring advanced security capabilities to organisations of all sizes, without the need for larger security and networking teams.

Incapsula DDoS Protection and Website Security now integrates directly with leading SIEM platforms including HP ArcSight and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. Integration includes a connector that delivers event logs produced by Incapsula directly to the existing SIEM, as well as advanced reporting and viewing options that allow users to spot and analyse attack patterns.

It offers external monitoring of network infrastructure based on sampling of data from routers and for smaller organisations it allows individual IP addresses to be secured. This means that businesses with proprietary protocols and a small number of IP addresses - typical of SaaS, gaming and mobile application companies - now have access to the same advanced DDoS protection as bigger enterprises.

"Unfortunately, we believe DDoS attacks are not only becoming more prevalent, but they continue to grow in sophistication. Many smaller organisations need protection that can keep up with evolving threats yet doesn’t require hiring an entirely new security team," says Jim Davis, senior analyst at IT research specialist the 451 Group. "External monitoring and protection for smaller networks is needed for a host of businesses with proprietary protocols and demanding users, notably gaming servers and mobile applications".

More details on the new release and its features are available on the Incapsula blog.

Image Credit: rosedesigns / Shutterstock