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LinkedIn vs Google vs Facebook: Which pays the most for junior employees?

Getting a job at Google or Facebook might not be all about the money, but with engineers getting over £150,000 for software positions it is certainly a big incentive.

Salary benchmarking site has gained anonymous information on 49,000 employees, building a collection of average salaries for junior employees at the best technology companies in the UK.

Surprisingly, LinkedIn has the best average salaries for junior employees, higher than Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Given LinkedIn lacks the prestige of other companies like Facebook and Google, it might offer higher salaries to interest young engineers and software developers.

Company Salary
LinkedIn £60,000
Amazon £55,000
Facebook £49,500
Google £48,000
eBay £33,000
HP £30,000

It is not surprising to see companies like HP, IBM and Intel on the lower end of the spectrum, with HP only offering £30,000 for a junior employee. Considering the size, scope and amount of jobs available at HP compared to LinkedIn, it is much more likely some employees will not have an engineering or software position at HP.

"As well as attracting customers, brand image plays a significant role when it comes to recruiting the kind of talent that will keep pushing technology companies forward," founder and CEO of Thomas Drewry said.

"Offering a level of salary transparency allows individuals to see beyond the short-term factors like starting salary and company brand to really understand what a career at a specific company might mean 5, 10 or 15 years down the line." also showed senior salaries for Apple and Microsoft. Senior employees for over 10 years on average get 10 per cent more from Apple than Microsoft, although it is questionable what jobs Microsoft offer in the UK in comparison to Apple.