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Scientists create liquid body armour

Scientists in Poland have developed a liquid which, once implemented in body armour, can not only stop a bullet in its tracks, but also prevent the shockwave from causing potentially lethal internal damage.

The liquid is called Shear-Thickening Fluid (STF), and it works by hardening when the bullet, or any other projectile, impacts it. It absorbs the object, as well as all of the shockwave, which it spreads into the rest of the armour.

The liquid can harden at any temperature.

“This viscosity increases thanks to the subordination of the particles in the liquid structure, therefore they form a barrier against an external penetrating factor,” said Karolina Olszewska, who performed tests on the STF for Moratex, for The Daily Mail.

The exact composition of the STF is known only to Moratex and its inventors at the Military Institute of Armament Technology in Warsaw, but ballistic tests proved its resistance to a wide range of projectiles.

'We needed to find, design a liquid that functions both with projectiles hitting at the velocity of 450 meters per second and higher.”

“We have succeeded,” said Deputy Director for Research at the Moratex institute, Marcin Struszczyk.

“If a protective vest is fitted to the body, then a four centimetre deep deflection may cause injury to the sternum, sternum fracture, myocardial infarction, lethal damage to the spleen,' Struszczyk said.”

“Thanks to the properties of the liquid, thanks to the proper formation of the insert, we eliminate one hundred percent of this threat because we have reduced the deflection from four centimetres to one centimetre.”

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