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How strong is the Apple Watch glass? Watch it get put to the test

The biggest fear we all have when buying a new device, be it a smartphone or a smartwatch, is that we'll damage it, scratch it or somehow ruin its perfection too fast.

We will all end up throwing the phone around after a year or so anyway, but before that moment, we take care of them as they're made out of nitroglycerin and could explode any minute.

That is why the people over at iPhonefixed tested the durability of the new Apple Watch glass, to see just how resistant to scratches it really is, and the results are pretty impressive.

The 38 milimetre sapphire screen was tested against different materials: a stone wall, a coin, a set of keys, some abrasive paper, a hammer (!!!), and (I'm being serious right now) a power drill.

The results? No marks or scratches on the screen, which is really, really impressive.

"From our primitive tests, you can see the sapphire glass is pretty strong, virtually impossible to scratch,“ says iPhonefixed.

The smartwatch from Apple, which has been in the centre of attention for quite some time now, will be officially released on 24 April 2015. The device can be preordered as of today, and it comes in three editions: a standard version, a sport version and a luxury version.

Pricing for the standard version starts at £299 inc VAT, while the luxury can go up to £6,000 and more. The device features an 18-hour battery life and can be charged remotely, and will be used to make and receive calls, notifications, emails and more.

If the Apple Watch doesn't float your boat, here's some other options that might be more appealing:

Pebble Steel smartwatch

Sony Smartwatch 3

LG G Watch

Samsung Gear smartwatch

Sead Fadilpašić

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