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TV5Monde hack goes from bad to worse – passwords exposed on TV

Embarrassment has turned to deeper embarrassment for one French TV network, TV5Monde, which was hacked earlier this week, with claimed Islamist-tied hackers taking control of its website, social media, and actually even managing to disrupt broadcasts.

And now it has emerged that during a TV interview regarding the incident, the staff member from the TV channel being interviewed was filmed standing in front of a load of posters which apparently held the usernames and passwords of TV5Monde’s social media accounts.

Whoops, indeed… it makes you think that the cyber-attack didn’t involve any kind of sophisticated attack, but just could have been the result of someone visiting the offices and memorising (or taking a covert snap) of all the relevant passwords.

PC World reported that while the footage which has been archived is too grainy to make out the exact letters, others have been able to extract the details, and indeed apparently the TV channel’s YouTube password was “lemotdepassedeyoutube”, which translates as “thepasswordforyoutube”.

Aside from keeping passwords in plain view on the office wall for anyone ambling in to see, it’s clear that someone needs a lesson in password strength, too. We’d assume the above password has now been changed – and hopefully to something less guessable.

Also on Wednesday, another hack emerged, though this one was a far larger scale breach of in excess of 100 websites, no less. It was perpetrated by a group called AnonCoders, with government, university and news sites hit. The group told ITProPortal that its ultimate target is “Israel govs and anti-muslims sites”.