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Android 5.1 and Sense 7.0 coming to various HTC handsets soon

Have you got an HTC One M8 or M8s? Well, the good news is that it has seemingly been confirmed that you will get HTC Sense 7.0 along with Android 5.1, when that rolls out for the handsets.

This won’t be for some time yet, though, because Android 5.0 is still rolling out to HTC phones, and should soon be doing so in the UK.

It would seem that after this, the HTC flagships won’t get Android 5.0.2 – save for the new HTC One M9 – instead they’ll skip to Android 5.1, which will come along with Sense 7.0.

This is according to an HTC ROM engineer, IBT reports, who confirmed the devices which will get Sense 7.0 – namely the HTC One M8, One M8s, HTC Desire Eye and the HTC Butterfly 2, among others not mentioned.

The engineer, a certain ‘LlabTooFeR’, also recently observed that it seems as if the dual-sim version of the M9 won’t be out this year.

HTC also recently unveiled the M9+, a slightly larger-screened version of its flagship (with some other tweaks to the CPU, camera, and a fingerprint sensor on the front) which is bound for the Chinese market – though it has been described as “hideous”, no less, so it doesn’t seem like we’re missing much.