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Apple Watch pre-orders already showing major delays

There’s going to be a long wait for those who have pre-ordered the Apple Watch from the company’s online site – and indeed, many of the devices are listed with a shipping date of June right now.

Reuters spotted this, and the fact that Tim Cook had told CNBC over in the US that they’d experienced “great” levels of pre-orders already – pre-ordering went live last Friday.

If you look on the official UK Apple Watch website now, you’ll find that most models – from the base £299 Sport model, to the 18-Carat Edition smartwatch, have their dispatch date recorded as June. That’s a two month wait (the Apple Watch officially goes on sale a week on Friday).

Some other models – like the 38mm Stainless Steel Case with Black Sport Band – have a wait of four to six weeks listed, so may come slightly quicker, towards the end of May. Of course, these current stock estimates may change rapidly as the device goes on sale.

Apple has been constantly talking about stock shortages, and has insisted folks won’t be able to stroll into a shop on April 24 and just buy a smartwatch – you’ll need to have reserved your model online first to avoid disappointment. And yes, this isn’t a bad strategy for building hype around the device, of course…

Reuters noted that Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster observed that stock levels really are thin on the ground initially. He said: “We view this as an indication of solid demand paired with very limited supply. We continue to expect modest sales in the June quarter as demand ramps over time."

It does seem odd that even the most basic (cheapest) Apple Watch has already been pushed out to June – you’d have thought Apple would have tried to ensure that one was more plentiful.