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Apple Watch US pre-orders surpass one million

One of the most hectic weekends for Apple went over like a light breeze, perhaps dampened by the anticipation for Game of Thrones, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential announcement and other major events over the week.

We are of course talking about the Apple Watch pre-order launch, Apple’s first new product launch in five years. The queues outside Apple’s stores worldwide were low, but attention online was apparently large, with over one million pre-orders in the US already.

That’s according to Palo Alto-based digital measurement firm Slice Intelligence, who claim 957,000 people pre-ordered the Apple Watch on Friday in the US. That means more than likely over five million people will pre-order before the release on 24 April.

The average buyer bought 1.3 Apple Watch units, spending an average of $382 (£261) on the Apple Watch Sport and $707 (£483) on the Apple Watch. Over 60 per cent of customers went for the Watch Sport, although the 35 per cent that bought the Watch trended towards the cheapest sports bands.

The black sports band was the favorite out of the lot, followed by the polarising Milanese Loop, the Link Bracelet, the black Classic Buckle and then the white sports band. An odd arrangement of popularity, but showing there are a lot of different tastes. Almost three quarters of buyers chose the more expensive 42mm band size.

It is interesting to see numbers so early, considering Apple will not release any information until WWDC in June. If Apple Watch numbers aren’t up to expectations, Apple might never release full details, so these numbers might be the closest we get to a good look.

The 12-inch MacBook also launched on Friday, selling 48,000 units. The most popular colour was Space Grey and 52 per cent of people chose the more heavily powered 1.3GHz Intel Core M and 512GB of flash storage option.

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