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Can the Galaxy S6 survive being run over by a car? [Video]

The Galaxy S6 is in the headlines once again, and this time with a much more radical chassis stress test than previous bend tests which came to light last week.

Indeed, last week the S6 Edge was accused of being just a bendy as the “bendgate” star iPhone 6 Plus, though Samsung came out firing on all PR pistons with counter-arguments as to what was wrong with the testing and media conclusions.

At any rate, in this new “test” the idea is to see if the Galaxy S6 can survive being run over by a car – a Tesla Model S to be precise. So, can it?

Well, the tester, iCrackUriDevice, didn’t go straight for the car off the bat, instead putting the S6 through a more standard drop test first. This was from a height of around 9 feet onto a concrete pavement – and the screen (and glass back) survived without a mark, though where it impacted on the pavement initially, a dent was left in the edge (with some minor scuffing around the edge elsewhere).

If it had landed face down, and not hit on the edge first, mind, it could have been a different story…

As for the car test – well, after being run over by the Tesla Model S, surprisingly enough the phone remained usable – the front display (which was face up) wasn’t cracked at all. However, the back glass, which was driven into the road, was mashed.

It’s a pretty impressive durability win for Samsung, in other words. Check out the video above yourself (which was spotted by Uber Gizmo).