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How to watch Game of Thrones season five in the UK

For us Brits, we have to outlast the torment of being one day behind the US when it comes to Game of Thrones. HBO broadcast it at 9pm on Sunday in the US, but in the UK it airs at 9pm (GMT) on Monday.

If you are wondering where to watch Game of Thrones, there is a few places to view the premiere “The Wars to Come” not including The Pirate Bay where the first four episodes have already been leaked.

The main place is Sky Atlantic, the service that runs quite a few American TV shows including Game of Thrones. It is the only place on TV to watch Game of Thrones, thanks to Sky’s long term contract with HBO in the UK.

That said, you don’t need to watch it on the TV if you don’t want to, Sky offers its own streaming service called Sky Go (similar to HBO Go) allowing the full catalogue of channels online, with catch up and live TV.

There is one other place to watch Game of Thrones, Now TV. It is the cheapest way to watch the show if you don’t have Sky - with the Entertainment Pass available for £6.99 per month - and probably the best value for money, considering it also offers The Walking Dead and some other hit US programs.

Sadly there is little chance HBO will bring over its own HBO Now service to the UK with the long standing Sky contract, which was renewed recently until 2019.