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New LG patent reveals very strange concept design

LG Electronics has patented a rather funky design featuring a smartphone and some kind of bracelet that attach together to form the most un-ergonomic smartwatch in the world.

It is an odd mixture of futuristic and outright crazy. The bracelet appears to have some kind of locking mechanism to keep the smartphone in place, allowing it to stay on the bracelet (and arm) at any sort of angle.


This would remove the problem currently with smartwatches getting all notifications and information from the more powerful smartphone, but it sacrifices so much of the aesthetic and subtlety of the smartwatch.

Considering LG has been one of the most active smartwatch makers, we doubt this is an affront to stop the development, rather some new ideas as to what the wearable market can deliver in the near future.

LG regularly pumps out smartphones that are 5 to 6-inches in length, we doubt any would fit on a wrist bracelet. LG might be looking into smaller devices to fit onto the bracelet, allowing people to have a smartwatch without the hassle of connecting a phone via Bluetooth.

Patents are constantly filed by tech companies with little to no explanation of what its practical use would be, if it intends to be commercialised and whether the concept is any good in a real life scenario.

This patent should definitely be put in the grounds of madness, unless LG plans to create a smart band with magnetic connectors in the near future.