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US carrier Sprint planning home delivery and device tutorials

US carrier Sprint is planning to revive its business by offering customers cheaper prices, data roaming without charges, home delivery and setup tours from experts.

The last revival attempt looks to add 5,000 new staff members with branded cars into the fold, despite Sprint laying off a large portion of its workforce between 2010 and 2014 to cut operating costs.

All 5,000 workers will deliver smartphones, tablets and other devices to homes and offer a tutorial on the set-up, user interface and offer a Sprint Buyback offer for old smartphones. It is a way for Sprint to get more personal with customers and ensure they don’t have any problems with the new device.

For almost a decade now, Sprint’s customer satisfaction rates have been dropping. A major part of this is customer service, which several customers claim is nonexistent on Sprint.

The introduction of chief executive Marcelo Claure seems to be fixing things up, but the CEO still hasn’t shown any major progress when it comes to subscriber numbers or opinion polls; currently focused on promotion deals to add quick sweeps of customers.

Sprint will only offer deliveries in Kansas City to start off and even when fully launched it will only be available in small zones across cities and states. Sprint will deliver to home or office, but this will only be available for customers looking to upgrade for now.

The announcement follows the recent acquisition of 1,435 Radioshack stores, which will be co-owned by Sprint. Half the store will feature RadioShack products, while the other half will offer deals and customer support on Sprint.

Sprint was acquired by Japanese wireless carrier SoftBank for $21.6 billion (£14.8 billion) in 2013. Even though SoftBank has pushed some reforms, it has mostly been cutting jobs and trying to make Sprint a profitable company again.

That does not seem to be working, especially with T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere pushing every angle to make its wireless service more appealing than Sprint. With Verizon Wireless and AT&T doing just as good, Sprint needs some big gains in 2015 to continue competing.