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Apple Watch production will quickly be ramped up

Apple will quickly ramp up production quantities of its Apple Watch, following some zealous pre-ordering over the initial weekend when the device went live, at least over in the US.


As we reported yesterday, there was no official disclosure of pre-order numbers from Cupertino, but we heard from Slice Intelligence that almost 960,000 pre-orders came through on Friday alone in the States (the first day of pre-ordering). That has led to estimations of some 5 million pre-orders being made in total before the gadget launches on April 24.

And that may lead to supply/demand issues, as ever – but Apple is already cranking up its production aims in the light of these numbers, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, and others, Business Today reports.

Munster said Apple will crank production starting mid-May though to June, and he thinks the company will sell at least 2.3 million Apple Watches in the April to June quarter. Bank of America Merrill Lynch estimates it will be more like 4 million.

For the year, analysts at Pacific Crest reckon Apple will make in excess of 20 million watches, and UBS thinks the company will sell 16 million before the 2015 financial year is out – and this will more than double to 40 million next year.

In short, the Apple Watch success story has already begun – except, of course, it hasn’t, but Apple has all the right noises coming forth.

The device is already creating hype on eBay, too, where pre-ordered Apple Watches are now “up for grabs” and generally being flogged on for twice as much as they were bought (well, reserved) for, if not more. It’s the usual story, basically…