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Google Malaysia becomes victim of DNS redirection attack

Google Malaysia has had its service disrupted by a malicious party claiming to have perpetrated a hack on the search page.

According to a Reuters report, users of Google search in Malaysia have been redirected to the hacker’s site, which simply states: “Google Malaysia Hacked by Tiger-Mate #Bangladeshi Hacker”.

Google Malaysia itself noted that there has been no hack of its systems, though, and this, rather, is a DNS redirect attack.

On its official Twitter account, Google Malaysia advised: “Getting reports some users are experiencing DNS redirection. Please use in the meantime.”

Google Malaysia told Reuters that it has contacted MYNIC, the body which manages the .my domain name, to get the issue corrected. Meanwhile, searchers will continue to be redirected to the dodgy site, unless they use as instructed above.

Even if Google Malaysia itself wasn’t hacked, folks are worried that MYNIC may have been. One Twitter user, Arren Tan, asked: “MyNIC's DNS server got hacked?”

And a reply was quickly forthcoming from MYNIC Berhad, though it didn’t make anything particularly clear: “We are investigating reports on the affected website. We will issue updates from time to time.”

Berhad’s latest tweet read: “We're taking all necessary measures to monitor the
situation and prvnt further issues. We apologize&thank our customers for their patience.”