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Labour propose Gold Standard Technical Baccalaureate

The Labour Party has published its £50 million Education Manifesto, revealing that it wishes to create a new gold-standard Technical Baccalaureate for 16-18 year olds.

This will include a quality vocational qualification accredited by employers and work-based learning, which aim to deliver the core skills needed for work and further study.

The political party is also planning to introduce new Technical Degrees delivered by universities and employers.

It claims this qualification will support the higher level training young people can progress on to.

Labour will transform the highest performing colleges in the UK into new “Institutes of Technical Education (ITEs) – educational institutions that provide high quality English and maths provision, as well as specialist education and training with strong links to employers.

The ITEs will be required to deliver the Tech Bacc and the higher level skills demanded by industry.

“The biggest challenge we face is preparing our young people for the economy of the future, not of yesterday,” claimed Labour leader Ed Miliband.

“In the 21st century, world-class education isn't a luxury for the individual, it’s a necessity.

“We need an education system that brings out the talents of every single person. We will ensure equal respect right across the curriculum, vocational, academic and creative subjects,” he added.

The Downsides Of Technology

The Labour Education Manifesto also focuses on educating children about the negatives side of technology and how they can deal with this.

According to the document, social media, smartphones and new technology offer many positive opportunities to young people but it also includes the pressures of advertising, negative stereotyping and access to explicit images.

The party says it will implement measures to ensure young with have the resilience and knowledge they require to stay safe and health and navigate their way through the downsides of new technology.