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Original Apple Watch hits the eBay shelves with hefty price tag

An eBay user has listed an Apple watch that’s more expensive than the tech giant company’s brand new smartwatch, which recently became officially available for pre-order and has already surpassed one million units.

Making it timely for the Apple Watch’s launch and the current buzz surrounding it, the user is selling not one, but two original Apple timepieces at the substantial price tag of £1,700.

The watch is not anything close to Apple’s smartwatch, it is what used to be a promotional product of the tech company in 1992, which utilises the traditional Quartz movement.

It is a given that the vintage watch up for grabs does not carry high-tech features like any smartwatch today, but, the eBay user promotes the watch as a ‘rare collectors piece,' thus apparently vindicating it's high asking price.

On top of the £1,700 price, those who are interested to buy the timepiece are also set to face more charges such as postage and import charges to the UK, which will total to around £2,200. This cost will already be equivalent to seven entry-level Apple Watch Sport models and some change.

In addition to the original timepiece from Apple, hundreds of the new and more technological Apple Watches are also circulating on eBay, with some even posting receipts from their pre-ordered wearable from Apple.

Most of these Apple Watches are also sold at much higher prices, with the large majority more than double the price of buying directly from Apple.

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