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Sony and IFTTT team up to provide ultimate cross-device functionality

After joining the pool of smartphone makers in launching its own lines of wearable devices, Sony has stepped up its game by announcing a partnership that would allow all its devices to work together.

The smartphone maker has partnered with an app called IFTTT, which means 'If This Then That'. This app allows different devices to work together by connecting Sony’s Lifelog - the fitness and tracking element of Sony devices - to various services and applications.

The partnership of IFTTT with Sony allows users to utilise data in any way they want. For example, if they want to store their sleep data in Google sheets, or send a tweet when they’ve reached a running milestone, they can do so.

And this also means that the fitness and entertainment data will be streamlined across all the devices who have that ‘recipe’ or hack.

The partnership has led to creating over 100 different recipes so far. In a recent blog post by Sony, the company said that users can even create a custom ‘recipe’ or action on top of the tons of recipe options available.

To have the said pre-programmed hacks, a user’s Sony device must be running Sony Lifelog. The compatible devices are: the SmartBand Talk, the SmartWatch 3 and Xperia smartphones.