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WebMD app coming to Apple Watch

Another app has been announced for the Apple Watch before the device is even out, as Apple ensures there’s a raft of quality software available from the get-go (or that’s the idea, anyway).

And this one is the famous WebMD app, which will be coming to the Apple Watch in order to bolster its health and fitness capabilities – an angle Cupertino is really going to use to push the gadget.

WebMD announced that it is launching an enhanced version of its mobile app with an “experience built specifically for Apple Watch”, and new features which include on-wrist reminders of when to take your medication, to make sure you don’t forget those (potentially) vital tablets.

The smartwatch will also be able to show you an image of the pill in question (so you don’t get the wrong one, if you take a lot of the things), and also provide dosage details too.

WebMD President Dr. Steven Zatz commented: “One of the most significant barriers to achieving positive patient outcomes is the issue of medication non-compliance, which remains a largely unsolved problem today. We believe that the combination of WebMD's Medication Reminder on Apple Watch represents a powerful new approach to address the issue of non-compliance in a way never before possible."

The app will also be able to advise on matters such as whether a pill should be taken with food or not. If it’s not immediately convenient to take the tablet, then users can hit a “snooze” button, and be reminded again in 15 minutes.

The WebMD app will also provide “glance” details to lets users quickly see when their next scheduled dose is, with just a glance at the display.

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