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Apple says no to selfie sticks at WWDC

As most Apple fanatics await the WorldWide Developer Conference in June, the tech giant has announced that - for the first time - it will not allow the use of selfie sticks at its event.

The statement was stipulated on its WWDC website page, saying that attendees “may not use selfie sticks or similar monopods.” In addition, the page further said that “any attendee conducting these activities may be removed from WWDC."

Apple did not give an explanation for the ban of such gadget.

While a ban for audio and video recordings, as well as the use of professional photographic and video equipment already exists at the yearly event, Apple has previously given more leeway for the use of smartphones. A selfie stick could be beneficial if an attendee wanted a closer shot or Tim Cook, or any other Apple executive on stage.

However, as early as two months before the event, Apple has warned that anyone caught using the stick may make an early exit from the venue.

Apart from Apple, earlier this year, a number of venues around the world also banned the use of selfie sticks. Some of these venues are: London’s National Gallery, Rome’s Colosseum and Paris’ Palace of Versailles.

The obvious irony in this case is that Apple, the biggest technology company in the world, is banning the use of tech-related products from its events.