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Apple Watch average pre-order price may shock you

So we’ve heard some more about the Apple Watch, and in this case, a further breakdown of pre-ordering figures to show how much the average pre-ordered device is going for.

We’ve seen that pre-orders are apparently going a storm with Slice Intelligence claiming that no less than 957,000 people in the US reserved their device on the first day alone, last Friday – and we’ve also seen Apple estimating delivery times extending back to June on its website (which may be a precautionary measure of sorts, but still…).

And now further analysis has come from Slice Intelligence (via ZDNet), which worked out the average price of a pre-ordered Apple Watch from its data drawn from 9,080 folks who did place a reservation.

And that average price? Over in the States, the average outlay was $707 (£480), quite a hefty figure. Far from everyone is hovering around the bottom of the Sport range, then…

Slice did find, however, that 62 per cent of total orders were for the cheapest Sport model, and 32 per cent for the Apple Watch midrange device – presumably leaving 6 per cent with the expensive Watch Edition. Those who bought a Sport version spent $382 (£260) on average.

With the total average spend staying so high given the above ratios, this shows folks haven’t been afraid to plop on some tasty accessories and spend on watch band upgrades – a quarter of pre-orders plumped for the Milanese Loop band, which over in the US is an extra $149 (£101) over the normal strap.

Given the pre-order success, production quantities of the Apple Watch are already being cranked up, though we’re still expecting all the usual tales of delays which will help to build up the hype for the gadget. If you want to get an early taster and live in (or near) London, then Selfridges has already opened its Apple Watch shop ahead of the April 24 launch.

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