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Edward Snowden might get Iceland citizenship

One of the most controversial figures of the world in the past couple of years, whistle-blower Edward Snowden, might get Islandic citizenship, Forbes reports.

The former NSA contractor, who started leaking classified information showing the US government spying on basically everyone, everywhere, all of the time, had to flee the country to avoid prosecution, and ended up in Russia, which gave him a three-year residency permit.

Former Wikileaks spokesperson, and current leader of the Icelandic Pirate Party, Birgitta Jonsdottir has pushed for citizenship for Snowden in her country, she said in an interview with Forbes’ Eric Mack.

“If I become the interior minister, that’s definitely happening.” she said, acknowledging that under Iceland’s Nationality Act, granting citizenship to Snowden would probably require approval by parliament.

Even though Snowden recently said he feels safe in Moscow, Jonsdottir thinks it would be best for everyone if he moved to Iceland.

“I think it’s dangerous to just give him asylum because asylum does not give you the same protections as citizenship,” she said, adding that it making him an Icelander would also be in the better interest of U.S. foreign relations with Russia.

“It is much better for the U.S. government to have Snowden in Iceland or Germany than in Russia… because Snowden, he is his own man, but it is uncomfortable to have him there and it’s dangerous for him any which way you look at it because there is a propaganda war (between the Kremlin and Washington), and I can’t imagine it’s good for anyone in his position to be used in a propaganda war.”

However, her party, the Pirate Party, currently holds just three seats in Iceland’s parliament, and would need to become much stronger to push this initiative through.

Forbes, however, thinks it just might happen, as it cites a survey saying the pirates had become the most popular party among Icelanders.

Sead Fadilpašić

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