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LG G4: more camera details pop up, looking very tasty

LG is keeping up the hype as best it can with the LG G4, in the face of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s hype train which is chugging fast right now – with Samsung today announcing it expects to sell in excess of 70 million flagships.

However, one area that LG certainly believes its new flagship can succeed in is the camera, which we’ve just heard a bit more about.

The LG G4 camera was already something highlighted by the firm, in a teaser clip whereby it was revealed that the device will boast a camera aperture of F1.8, meaning it should provide impressive low light performance.

Now Business Korea (via Phone Arena) has said that the G4 will be able to pick up 80 per cent more light than the G3 managed (and let’s not forget, the G3 had a very well thought of camera) thanks to a much bigger lens module this time round. It boasts a six-element lens which gives better light sensing, and also an ultrathin 0.1mm glass blue filter to help preserve the natural colour presentation of pictures.

Clearly, one of the major avenues LG is going to push is the camera, which is good news for all the keen snappers out there.

Recently, we also saw official images spilled that showed the G4 in all its glory complete with some real leather finishes, which look pretty tasty (and hopefully will survive and not scuff too badly, too quickly).

We also know that there’ll be a 3,000mAh battery on board the handset.