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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge costs more to make than iPhone 6 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is an expensive handset – well, we all knew that looking at the retail price, but we don’t mean the Edge is just dear for consumers, as it also cost Samsung more than a pretty penny or two.

Indeed, the cost of materials tots up to make this the most expensive Galaxy S phone Samsung has ever made, and in fact the handset is more costly to make than the iPhone 6 Plus.

A cost teardown performed by IHS showed that the Galaxy S6 Edge with 64GB on board has a BOM (Bill of Materials) which runs to $284.85 (£193.57), with that cost going up to $290.45 (£197.44) when the manufacturing cost is added in.

If you take the 64GB version of the iPhone 6 Plus, the total cost of that including manufacturing is $240.05 (£163.13); considerably cheaper than the S6 Edge.

Interestingly, IHS notes that in the US, the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus is $849 compared with $800 for the S6 Edge at Verizon, so the latter is cheaper – though over in the UK, the iPhone is £699 compared to £760 for the Edge. Samsung doesn’t appear to be doing the UK any favours in that respect…

Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of research and analysis for IHS, commented: “Overall, this is the priciest Samsung Galaxy S series bill of materials to date. In fact, Samsung seems to have consistently packed more features and cost into their flagship Galaxy S line of phones over the last three generations of product, now producing a BOM cost that is notably higher than comparable iPhones.”