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Whitepaper: CTTI streamlines testing to deliver better services for citizens

Catalonian Government maximises IT value

CTTI supplies IT services to the Catalonian government. It is under pressure to reduce costs and improve service quality. Using HP Quality Centre, it is transforming its quality and testing processes by integrating different suppliers to a single platform. The solution provides greater transparency and better informed procurement.

Challenge: Taking control of application testing

CTTI is the shortened name for the Centre of Telecommunications and Technologies Information of the Catalonian Government. It supplies IT services to the various departments of the Catalonian Government, based in Barcelona. Duties include project management, application development and IT supplier relations.

Like many public sector bodies, particularly those in recession-hit Spain, CTTI has come under increasing cost pressure.

“The difficulty is that we manage a huge number of applications across the government, many of them replicated for different departments,” says Xavier Escudero, methodology and quality assurance manager, CTTI. “All of these need regularly maintaining and updating.”

CTTI needed to bring greater productivity to this process. It wanted central visibility of its application management, and the means to inspire greater collaboration among departments.

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