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Whitepaper: Data Protection: Quality Plus Fast ROI

Protect your data wherever it resides, and bank a quick ROI as well.

Too many organisations today struggle with backup and recovery solutions that not only fail in their primary mission of reducing the risk of data loss but also cost far too much — in wasted IT staff time, reduced employee productivity, monthly fees and ever-growing storage requirements.

You need reliable, automated backups and impact-free replication to ensure your data is there when you need it, without tying up your skilled (and expensive) IT professionals. Dell offers a broad array of data protection software and appliances that protect virtual, physical and cloud environments — while saving you money. Powerful deduplication slashes storage requirements and associated power and cooling costs. And quick, granular recovery enables all employees to be more effective and better serve your customers … and your business.

On the following pages, explore how organisations like yours have used Dell’s data protection products not only to safeguard their critical digital assets, but also to dramatically reduce costs and improve productivity.

To keep reading, download the whitepaper below.

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