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Whitepaper: Virgin Media’s rapid growth thanks to intelligent network monitoring

Challenge: High network availability

Organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on network capacity and service quality for fulfilling their day-to-day duties – from processing transactions and delivering services to collaboration across multiple locations. Coupled with growing deployment and consumption of cloud services, high network availability and performance become essential, delivering considerable challenges to the telecommunications industry.

Like other telecommunication service providers, Virgin Media – provider of managed communications solutions to over 70,000 organisations across the UK –
needed to boost the capacity and reliability of its business network service. “Virgin Media delivers data services to local, regional, central governments, fire services and organisations with offices scattered around the UK,” explains Martin Singer, Network OSS architect at Virgin Media. “We have doubled the number of managed nodes for IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) services from 14 thousand to around 28 thousand in three years.”

But Virgin Media was facing additional challenges: the network management solution deployed in its Business and Security Operations Centre (BSOC) contained a multiplicity of technologies from diverse manufacturers. IT was left blind to what was happening across the network.

“The business side of our operations came from the merger with Telewest,” Singer recalls. “They had lots of different management systems, they didn’t have an end-to-end view and they often didn’t understand who was impacted when a failure occurred. They were failing abysmally on an SLA to notify premier customers within 15 minutes of an outage.”

Solution: Two good products with integration in between

To satisfy these demanding challenges, Virgin Media embarked on a project to implement a new network management solution.

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