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Apple Watch to hit 2.3 million pre-orders before 24 April

Apple has not released any solid data surrounding the Apple Watch sales, sticking only to “its doing well” and “we’re happy with progress”, but KGI Securities analyst King-Chi Kuo claims the Apple Watch could hit 2.3 million pre-orders before launch on 24 April.

It follows a report from Slice Intelligence claiming Apple sold one million units in 24 hours in the US alone. That is an impressive stat, considering the animosity towards the smartwatch before the launch.

Kuo claims that 85 per cent of sales will come from the Watch Sport, 15 per cent from the Watch and one per cent from the Watch Edition. This would seem to fit with current polls on what smartwatch is the favorite, with most customers wanting the Watch Sport with the $300 cheaper price-tag.

If the Apple Watch reaches 2.3 million sales, it will double the Android Wear sales amassed over half a year, in two weeks. That is a good showing of Apple’s brand loyalty, although it may take months before we get a good look at how much customers enjoy the smartwatch.

Apple head of retail Angela Ahrendts has already detailed in an internal memo how the Apple Watch buying system did not work out so well, since the company had to push back orders until June due to low supply and huge online sales.

The supply issues include LG Display and Taptic Engine supplier AAC not having enough components for the large orders coming. That has left Apple no choice but to delay further orders until June, although some were already postponed until July.

Apple will most likely update customers and investors about the success of the Apple Watch in its Q2 2015 earnings call, or at WWDC 2015 on 8 June.