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Apple Watch – now it isn’t dated on US website?

In what has to go down as a slightly odd move, Apple has removed the official on sale date for its Apple Watch over on the US website.

Trusted Reviews spotted that while the US site had previously carried the on sale date of April 24, that has been stripped away, and the website simply now reads: “The watch is coming”, with no date at all.

Previously, it was the UK website which stated that the smartwatch is just “coming” way back when, but now the UK site has the date, ‘24.04.15’, still up there.

What does this mean? Well, it’s another seeming inkling that all is not great on the stock level front in the States, and reinforces the point that, as Apple has already said, you won’t just be able to stroll up to an Apple Store a week tomorrow and expect to be able to purchase a smartwatch there and then.

We can already see from the delays marked for shipping that there are stock issues, with even the most basic Apple Watch model showing an arrival date of June currently (most of the Apple Watch variants are marked for June, though some have a four to six week shipping delay, which could see them arrive in late May).

There is always the possibility that Apple is playing it ultra-safe here, and overestimating possible delays – plus building up some nice hype into the bargain. We shall see before long…

Meanwhile, the picture certainly looks a bit shaky for would-be early adopters.