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Jawbone UP4 will have NFC payments

If the lack of NFC payments was the only thing keeping you from buying Jawbone's new fitness wearable, the UP4, then by all means, go ahead and buy yourself one.

As PC Pro writes today, the American wearable tech makers Jawbone added NFC payments to their new fitness band, but there is a catch.

It is similar to Apple Pay and Apple Watch, but only works if you have an American Express credit card, at least at this time.

The new device, said to cost $200 (£135), will look a lot like it's predecessor, the UP3, with no display and sleep, activity and heart rate monitoring capabilities.

However, this is the first time the company has brought non-fitness-focussed functionality to one of its bands.

Having no display of its own, users will have to rely on their smarphones for the purchases.

Users can connect an AmEx card through Jawbone's app, which activates UP4 for tap-to-pay transactions at supporting retailers. Jawbone's app also doesn't log recent transitions.

Records of payment activities are accessible via the AmEx app.

There is still no word on the UP4's release date in the UK, and the AmEx function only works in the US, at the moment.

Jawbone also announced the UP2 today, it's cheapest fitness tracker to date, retailing at $99 (£66). This is the successor to the UP24, which itself only launched last year.

However, as with the UP4, this device is also unavailable in the UK at the moment.

Both the UP2 and the UP4 are promised to launch internationally later this year.

Sead Fadilpašić

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