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Local authorities utilising technology to meet new legal requirements

As the new Care Act went live on 1 April, local government is looking towards technology-based solutions to help it meet new legal requirements for health and social care systems.

Under the new legislation, local councils are required to ensure their residents receive services that prevent their care needs from becoming more serious or delay the impact of their requirements.

They must also make sure citizens can get the information and advice they need to make good decisions about care and support, as well as offering a range of providers with a choice of high quality, appropriate services.

According to e-commerce and e-procurement provider cloudBuy, utilising the correct technology is essential if local authorities are going to rise to the challenge of providing better choice, control and guidance to their residents who give care or require care related services.

The firm has teamed up with Northamptonshire County Council and employee and customer engagement services company Grass Roots to build a UK national site designed to cover all personal care, health and wellbeing needs.

breeze-e is a social care platform that focuses on providing information, advice, products and services related to adult social care for all consumers, regardless of whether they pay for their own care or receive local government funding.

“We know how important the changes driven by the Care Act are to every local authority. UK adult social care is under increasing pressure and the current model is no longer sustainable,” said cloudBuy CEO Lyn Duncan.

“Having recognised the need for change, cloudBuy has worked with Northamptonshire County Council and Grass Roots to create a very different approach to helping councils become more efficient and cost-effective,” Duncan added.

Giving People Independence

breeze-e is set to maximise independent living across all age groups to prevent citizens entering the supported care system prematurely.

Customers using the e-marketplace are provided with choice, convenience, control, security and reliability over their care needs.

Users can choose any and all types of social care products and services, such as food and meals, transport, personal care, gardening and cleaning and information and financial advice from selected suppliers in their area.

Chosen items across various suppliers are then added to an online shopping basket in a process as simple as shopping on a regular retail site.

Benefits For Everyone

The breeze-e e-commerce platform also offers support for carers, service providers and local authorities.

The solution offers an analysis of individual searches, providing intelligence on gaps, information on spend, information on spend outside of local authority borders, information to providers to develop business and promote competition and a level playing field for providers and enhanced ability for authorities to manage the market.

“breeze-e aims to make life simple for those who need to make sometimes difficult decisions and we believe it will change the way we all manage our care needs in the future,” claimed general manager for the platform Clare Goodram.

“We are trailblazers and with robust technology, clear guidance and simple processes, service users will be able to take care of life choices in one safe and supportive place, for the very first time,” she added.

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