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Many IT movers and shakers feel the cloud is falling short

The cloud has been a big buzzword for ages now (and indeed has really been superseded by many new contemporary buzzwords like the Internet of Things or software-defined everything), but there’s still much chin-wagging about businesses moving cloud-wards.

But that move isn’t always everything it could be, at least according to a new survey from NTT Communications, which spoke to 1,600 ICT decision makers across Europe and the US.

38 per cent of respondents said that the way their organisation has implemented the cloud has meant it has fallen short of its full potential, and 41 per cent also found that dealing with and managing different vendors was confusing.

Cloud growth is certainly expected though – 80 per cent said the number of cloud platforms used by their company would grow over the next three years, and budgets are expected to grow aswell, with the cloud to account for 28 per cent of the IT budget come 2018.

Len Padilla, VP Product Strategy at NTT Com, commented: "Our study shows the reality of cloud in 2015 is potentially as complex as the world it was supposed to replace. ICT decision-makers harbour significant frustrations over cloud, and there are no clear answers over which kinds of applications belong where.

“This is the cloud reality check in 2015 – there needs to be a far smoother migration path from the data centre to the cloud. A different kind of planning approach is required for companies to achieve the large-scale digital transformations business executives are demanding."