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Netgear launches Powerline 1200 adapters offering blazing speeds

Netgear has announced a pair of new powerline adapter packages, the Powerline 1200 Adapter Kit (PL1200), and Powerline 1200 + Extra Outlet Adapter Kit (PLP1200).

Both HomePlug AV2 solutions let you run your network over your mains, plugging one adapter into a PC, and another into your router which might be across the other side of the house, for example, offering 1.2Gbps in terms of speed to ensure even intensive activities like online gaming or video streaming are catered for. The PLP1200 offers a pass-through power outlet so you can still use the plug socket for its normal duties.

These devices are simple to set up – you just literally plug and play – and they have energy saving tricks on board, powering themselves down automatically when not being used. You can also encrypt the connection with a touch of a button, Netgear notes.

Oleg Fishel, product line manager for Netgear Powerline, commented: “Powerline has become an increasingly popular networking solution because of the explosive growth in connected AV devices, and the high speeds and reliability required to support demanding applications such as HD video streaming and online gaming. With powerline technology, you can take advantage of your existing electrical outlets in every room and don’t need to run new wires to get fast, uninterrupted access to the internet and the home network.”

Of course, the slight caveat is that the performance of powerline devices can vary depending on the quality of the electric wiring in your home – if this is particularly old and dodgy, you might see issues, but we’ve never had any problems in the houses we’ve lived in.

The Powerline 1200 Adapter (PL1200) is on sale in the US now, and will be out shortly in Europe priced £70. The PLP1200 will be out in May, retailing at £80, with both kits coming with two adapters along with a pair of Ethernet cables.